BolderArts is an extension to The BoulderBeverage Company to show how we appreciate all aspects of a person's life. So much so we have created a branch to help promote talented artists whom in return will be part of the BolderFamily #BolderFamily


As a Lifestyle brand, BolderArts had a successful event in NYC displaying the art of Alex Smetsky (Smetsky) and Josh Leidolf (Tran$parent). Two amazingly talented artists whom are now part of the BolderFamily and we are working together to create great work together! 


Left: Alex Smetsky 


Right: Josh Leidolf



People having a great time! Welcome to the BolderFamily!


Left and right pieces are the Tran$parent currency art. What you see is the front, back, and all the inner marks of the currency on one face! 

The center piece is by Smetsky in dedication to the Wu-Tang Clan "CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me"


Attendees to our BolderArts event having a great time in front of the Smetsky piece "L'Amour"


We had the talented Nik perform and show off her Rose and Champagne brand Nik. It was a great hit at the BolderArts event and we are so honored to have such amazing talent part of our BolderFamily! 


Smetsky and Tran$parent posing for the camera in front of the Smetsky piece Sheep. This piece has many illusions to it. It will blow your mind when you figure out all the different elements to it. 

As you stand close you see one thing and as you pull back, a whole new image appears! 


The BolderFamily in front of the BolderArts step n' repeat. 


This is the BolderArts step n' repeat! 

Everyone who was present has a piece of this wall and is a part of the BolderFamily.

We had a successful night and we certainly felt the love! 

For any inquiries on the art, please reach out to us at


Tran$parent with Aleks Veyg, the founder of BolderArts and the entire BoulderBeverage Company...The piece you see is a Tran$parent piece. I is the $5 bill. What you see if the $5 back image, front image, and all the inside watermarks, all on the front in one image! 

All art inquiries and exclusive deals, reach out to us at