Bolder Tea+

If you're going to enjoy tea, might as well get the most out it!

Introducing BolderTea+, a small batch brewed tea that not only is thirst quenching and exquisite, but also is filled with gut friendly ingredients. While drinking BolderTea+ you will feel fuller and more satiated. That is because we have included functional benefits to ensure you're getting the most out of the Tea you're drinking. And we made sure to start off with a distinct enough offering in order to cover our tracks. 

Bolder Tea+ has:

-Organic Small Batch Tea





-Vitamin C


-Zero Sugar 

And is:


-Non GMO

-Gluten Free




Get Some!

 Conveniently, we all live in an age where if you want or need something, it is just a click away. Same applies for The Boulder Beverage Company. 

You want it? Here it is!